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The NSW Government has opened this program to support domestic manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)



The program includes a $5 million grants scheme to establish a reliable, domestic supply of PPE products that have been critical in the response to COVID-19 including masks, gowns, disinfectant, handwash and soap or their components

The key objective for the program is to enable the supply of PPE for industry, private health care, NGOs, government, and the community more broadly. This will allow industry to restart in a COVID-safe manner without relying on disrupted and volatile international source markets.


Level of support

Support of between $100,000 and $500,000


Eligible activities

Permitted use of funds include:

  • purchase of equipment related to the manufacture of specified PPE products (including retooling costs and factory fitouts)
  • purchase of raw materials and other costs directly linked to the manufacture of the specified PPE products
  • securing skills related to the manufacture of the specified PPE products.

Specified PPE, including the inputs, components and materials used to manufacture these products, comprises:

  • face masks
  • gloves
  • gowns
  • disinfectant
  • medical grade handwash and soap

The inputs, components and materials used to manufacture these products could include, but are not limited to, machinery, packaging, ingredients, and appropriate fabric


Eligible small business applicants

The grant scheme seeks to deliver assistance to manufacturers or businesses that:

  • currently manufacture and can increase production or
  • are looking to “retool” and pivot their existing manufacturing lines to produce specified PPE products. This can also include the materials used to make those specified PPE products.
  • stimulate the manufacturing sector
  • reinvigorate the State’s sovereign capability in the production of PPE products
  • support job creation and retention across NSW

The program will fund manufacturers on a competitive basis that:

  • can meet the program guidelines and eligibility requirements, and
  • demonstrate an ability to increase or pivot their manufacturing capability to produce critical PPE in the near-term.

Successful manufacturers will also be provided with support to develop their supply chain, find commercial partners, and potentially explore export opportunities.


Important dates

Closes 12 October 2020 at 11:59PM


How to apply

Online via the SmartyGrants portal

A two-stage application process applies:

First: Applicants are required to submit a company details an eligibility assessment.

Second: Applicants considered eligible, and who meet program ‘use of funds’ requirements, will be invited to complete a detailed application form

Applicants invited to submit a detailed application have 28 days to upload the following supporting documentation, including but is not limited to:

  • business plan
  • financial statements
  • cash flow projections
  • regulatory certifications
  • management profiles


Getting help

Dowling Consultancy welcomes enquiries from small businesses requiring professional grant application and submission guidance to enhance their chances of success. We have assisted numerous businesses with grant applications that win government grants. Contact Steve Dowling on 0409 478 850 for a confidential, no obligation discussion


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