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Funding to help Australian business join space industry supply chains



The Australian Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement Grants provide Australian businesses with grant funds to build capacity to deliver products and services into domestic and/or international space industry supply chains that could support Moon to Mars activities

The Australian Moon to Mars Initiative forms an important element of the Advancing Space: Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028 and supports Australian businesses and researchers to join NASA’s inspirational endeavour to go forward to the Moon and then go on to Mars

The objectives of the Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement Grants are to:

  • grow Australian industry’s capability and capacity to support NASA’s endeavour to go forward to the Moon and then on to Mars
  • grow the participation of Australian companies in domestic and/or international space supply chains that could support Moon to Mars activities
  • grow the skills, capabilities and capacity of the Australian space industry


Level of support

Grants from $250,000 up to $1 million to fund up to 75 per cent of eligible project expenditure


Eligible activities

Include a range of development initiatives, and must:

  • be aimed at accessing an identified domestic and/or international supply chain opportunity that has the ability to support Moon to Mars activities
  • align with priorities in the Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-28
  • have at least $333,334 in eligible expenditure (based on a minimum grant of $250,000).

Eligible activities must directly contribute to project outcomes and include, but are not limited to:

  • buying, leasing, constructing, installing or commissioning capital equipment, including specialist software to enhance cyber security design to required levels
  • non-recurring engineering associated with improving or qualifying a product, process or service to reach the standard of a supplier for a domestic and/or international space company
  • non-recurring engineering associated with improving or qualifying a product, process or service from an adjacent industry to support the space industry
  • building organisational capability or capacity to support engagement in international supply chains
  • engineering and commissioning activities
  • workforce training and accreditation’s

Other activities that contribute towards achieving the program outcomes may also be approved

Projects must clearly contribute to the development of the Australian space industry and its participation in the domestic and/or international space marketplace

Ineligible projects include:

  • research projects without a clear commercialisation pathway
  • projects involving technology development starting from technology readiness level (TRL) level 4 or lower
  • product development that doesn’t directly support meeting a supply chain opportunity


Eligible small business applicants

To be eligible you must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • be an entity incorporated in Australia and a trading corporation, where your trading activities
  • form a sufficiently significant proportion of the corporation’s overall activities as to merit it being described as a trading corporation; or
  • are a substantial and not merely peripheral activity of the corporation

Joint applications are acceptable, provided you have a lead organisation who is the main driver of the project and is eligible to apply. For further information on joint applications, refer to section 7.2 of the guidelines


How to apply

You must submit your application through the online portal – link provided below


Important dates

Applications are accepted at any time up to 30 June 2023. Applications are assessed by a committee at least three times per year.

The maximum project period is 2.5 years. Projects must be completed by 30 April 2025


Getting help

Dowling Consultancy welcomes enquiries from small businesses requiring professional grant application and submission guidance to enhance their chances of success. We have assisted numerous businesses with grant applications that win government grants. Contact Steve Dowling on 0409 478 850 for a confidential, no obligation discussion


Learn more


Information sessions

A webinar was conducted on Monday 7 September 2020 by the Australian Space Agency and the Moon to Mars Program Delivery Team. The webinar provides program information and can be viewed on the Australian Space Agency’s YouTube channel. The presentation [PDF 5.12 MB] is available to view.


Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement Grants – grant recipients

Recipient organisation Project title Project description Grant
amount (excluding GST)
Spiral Blue Pty Ltd Supporting Infrastructure for Space Edge Computing The project will support software infrastructure development to send and update applications on Spiral Blue’s Space Edge Computers. The computers will improve the affordability, flexibility and speed of Earth observation services. Set to fly on two Earth observation cubesats, the software will provide onboard data processing and machine learning driven autonomy. The project will allow Spiral Blue to begin commercial sales for accessing Space Edge at an operational scale, both for satellites in Earth’s orbit and for interplanetary exploration missions. $416,250
Advanced Navigation Pty Ltd Inertial navigation in space by software-enabled quantum-classical sensing The project will support Advanced Navigation and Q-CTRL to undertake critical technical development activity for the development of a novel navigation capability. The companies are collaborating to develop quantum-enhanced navigation systems which address the key challenge of inertial navigation for long-endurance space missions. The technology will deliver a unique Australian capability to launch partner Gilmour Space. The grant will support Advanced Navigation and Q-CTRL’s ambitions to supply the Australian and international space sectors with a world-first offering delivering on critical mission needs. $690,892
Crystalaid Manufacture Pty Ltd Enabling Space Capability The project will support Crystalaid Manufacture to upgrade their organisational capability to enable the supply of componentry to the international space industry. It will also provide the company with the ability to replace and modernise their vacuum vapour phase oven to increase the space manufacturing readiness needed to successfully bid on international space projects. The grant will support Crystalaid Manufacture to meet an identified supply chain opportunity and grow the skills and capability of its manufacturing team. $461,118
Fleet Space Technologies Pty Ltd Space Supply Chain Opportunities Using Low Power Wide Area Networks TThe project will support Fleet Space Technologies and its partners SA Power Networks and Oz Minerals Limited to improve the capabilities, and to demonstrate the viability, of its agnostic hybrid Satellite low-powered wide area network (LPWAN) system for the development of remote massive internet of things (IoT) applications, both on Earth and in space. The companies will collaborate to miniaturise and ruggedize sensors for use in their satellite LPWAN system. The grant will support Fleet Space Technologies to pursue commercial supply chain opportunities with Oz Minerals and SA Power Networks, illustrating a terrestrial application of space technology that can be extended to Moon to Mars activities. $436,770