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Brian Goudsblom

CEO Monjon Pty Ltd

“Stephen provided advice and assistance in writing our submission for the City of Melbourne Grant. Prior to writing the submission Stephen spent time to fully understand our business and suggest how we should position writing the Grant application to have the best chance of success. The submission was well crafted, and Stephen was able to put our vision into compelling words which resulted in a significant Grant being offered. Above the Grant, the resulting dialogue we now have with City of Melbourne has immeasurable value…… To anyone looking for assistance with Government Grants, I would highly recommend Stephen’s collaboration”

Brian Gordon

CTO Bionic Vision Pty Ltd

“Stephen facilitated our BioMedTech Horizons 3.0 grant submission to receive support for developing an algorithm in our implantable Bionic Eye Generation 3 device to restore functional vision for blind patients. His sound guidance was instrumental in the success of being awarded a $1 Million grant. Steve’s approach was well thought through and executed, he was well able to lead some lively discussions, then synthesise all the information into a clear, concise, and compelling conclusion. I found his professional expertise, knowledge, and input to be highly valuable. Anyone who has the opportunity to collaborate with Stephen will find him immensely helpful”

Ben Isdale

CEO SuperSpecial Pty Ltd

“Our firm engaged Stephen to provide assistance with a grant application which was successful, thanks in no small measure to Steve’s work in carefully explaining the processes involved, before assessing the merit and likely outcomes of our project. During our collaboration, Steve communicated clearly with our team as he worked to simplify the process, providing clear guidance on the appropriate financial and technical data required, and drafting a clear submission so that it was expressed in easily understandable concepts. I highly recommend Steve as a highly professional consultant in planning and executing a grant submission of any scale”

Government Grants We Specialise In …

Accelerating Commercialisation

Up to $1,000,000 for commercialisation of innovative ideas Read more …

Business Growth Grant

Up to $20,000 towards implementing business improvements Read more …

Boost Your Business Asia Gateway Voucher

Up to $50,000 support for Export Market Development initiatives Read more …

South Australian Export Accelerator Grant

Up to $30,000 support for Export Market Development initiatives Read more …

Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)

Up to $150,000 rebate for export marketing expenses Read more …

City Of Melbourne Small Business Grant

Up to $30,000 towards exporting, expansion and improvement initiatives Read more …

R&D Tax Incentive

Get back up to 43.5 cents rebate per $1 spend in R&D activities Read more …


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A Government Grant will alleviate pressure on your cash flow as well as provide significant savings on interest payments. Learn more >>


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Mitigate your risks, Pinpoint your best overseas markets, Determine your best moves, Accelerate your organisational success. Learn more >>

Is your small business facing any of these challenges?


Alleviate pressure on your cash flow and reduce interest payments



Achieve your goals and objectives sooner and more profitability


Pinpoint your best markets and accelerate your international success


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