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Winning a Government Grant can help to mitigate organisational and financial risk, alleviate pressure on cash flow, reduce interest payments, access expertise to complement existing internal resource capability or expand your overall project scope

Our three-step government grant writing and application facilitation process of assisting you with developing and submitting your government grant application takes all the hard work and effort away from you and places it in our expert hands

Our government grant application engagement scope of work may involve the facilitation and coordination of an Expression Of Interest (EOI) followed by coordinating and facilitating responses to merit criteria questions along with developing a supporting business case that may include the project plan, the business strategy its marketing plan and a financial summary

All we need you to do is provide the right direction, access to information, and lend a guiding eye on your government grant application as it is evolving

We do the hard yards of preparing your small business government grant application. We assure you that with our support you will not be required to make any great effort to complete a government grant application

All our government grant application engagements can be coordinated remotely. We make use of online video conferencing and sharing to collaborate with you. There is no need to meet, we connect with all our clients virtually online via zoom or telephone

Our results of achieving awarded government grants total more than $10 million for our client’s speaks for itself about our ability to successfully help you win a government grant

We have assisted numerous businesses with their government grant applications and submissions from various industry sectors included those engaged in advanced manufacturing, new technology development, international business, agriculture, food and beverage, biomedical, education, energy, health care, telecommunications, transport, aerospace, defence and security

We offer a fully comprehensive end to end government grant compilation and submissions service and where you are unsure which grant is best for you, we will help you with screening your options and assessing your eligibility

Your organisation could be next, no matter what business you are in, if there is a government grant available in your sector then we can assist you to apply for it

If you require assistance with your grant writing challenges, then we would welcome the opportunity to assist in accelerating your potential to win a grant

We have assisted numerous businesses with grant applications and win government grants

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