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As part of the South Australian Government’s ‘Growth State – our Plan for Prosperity’, the Global Expansion Program aims to accelerate growth of South Australia’s exports by building comprehensive export capability and capacity in businesses with the most potential to become South Australia’s next global leaders

The Global Expansion Program is a $2.3 million funding program delivered in three (3) cohorts over four years to 30 June 2024



The Program will have three (3) separate rounds, and each round is structured in four (4) stages as follows:

  1. Expression of Interest (EOI) application
  2. FREE Business Review undertaken
  3. Action plan development
  4. Grant funding to implement Business Enhancements

A grant up to $50,000 is available to the successful stage 3&4 participant to receive tailored advisory services designed to address impediments to export growth identified through the free business review

Cohort 1 Business Reviews will be undertaken in February 2021


Program objectives

  • Increase the number of South Australian companies exporting higher value export products and services
  • Increase the number of South Australian companies that are pursuing high growth through persistent and sustainable exporting strategies
  • Assist South Australian companies to expand exports in current and/or new markets to deliver a significant increase (impact) on export sales for South Australia
  • Increase access and utilisation of a suite of export services by South Australian companies.


Level of support

Up to $50,000 per participant

Participants are not required to provide any funding contribution


Eligible small business applicants

If you are a South Australian company with an ABN and been established and generating revenue for 36 or more months, and:

  • Is experiencing strong growth
  • Has a realised product or service market fit
  • Is positioned to embark on a ‘growth through export’ pathway or expand to additional markets; and
  • Is operating in one or more of the following nine South Australian growth sectors
  1. Creative industries
  2. Defence industries
  3. Energy and mining
  4. Food, wine and agribusiness
  5. Health and medical industries
  6. Hi-tech
  7. International education
  8. Space industries
  9. Tourism

Eligible companies also need to demonstrate they are in one of the following three stages of export maturity:

  1. Infrequent Exporter
    • I respond to occasional export orders from overseas customers
    • I have a sporadic or opportunistic export history with a lack of strategy, plan and execution capability and capacity
  1. New Market Entrant
    • My business has been exporting regularly into one or two market(s)
    • I need to expand into new market(s) to accelerate growth but are experiencing specific barriers in those new markets
  1. In-Country Focus
    • Export is part of my business
    • My business is doing well in multiple markets overseas
    • I need more connections and/or in-country knowledge about my new markets to further expand and increase market share


Key features of the Global Expansion Program

There is no minimum turnover or FTE requirement

It is designed to provide flexible, bespoke services and support matched to the unique and specific needs of individual participating companies, rather than offering pre-determined services and support

The delivery of a hybrid model of government and external provider support

Each final participant will be allocated a SADTI case manager to develop and implement a 12-month action plan with the allocated funding, including receiving tailored services from selected provider(s)


Important dates

Cohort 1 – (2020-21) – Applications Opened 20 Nov 2020 and will Close on 11 Dec 2020 at 5:30 PM

Cohort 2 – (2021-22) – To be announced

Cohort 3 – (2022-23) – To be announced


How to apply

You should download and read the grant opportunity guidelines and frequently asked questions

Applications will be accepted via the online portal link below


Getting help

Dowling Consultancy will be a Registered Service Provider with the South Australian Government

We welcome enquiries from small businesses requiring professional grant application and submission guidance to enhance their chances of success. We have assisted numerous businesses with grant applications that win government grants. Contact Steve Dowling on 0409 478 850 for a confidential, no obligation discussion

We have assisted numerous businesses with export markets development initiatives

We can help you pinpoint your best opportunities, mitigate risks and devise and execute a tailored and relevant Asia market export entry or expansion strategy and marketing plan in conjunction with undertaking in-market activities. Our team of advisors have expertise with Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia

Learn more about our Export Market Development approach here …


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