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Advancing your export market aspirations is what our Accelerating Global Connections approach sets out to achieve

Our three-step process of Reflection, Strategy and Action ensures your export markets development success

No matter what stage you are at in your export markets development journey, this framework will ensure your business builds the pillars to export markets development success

We know that it’s not a simple process when undertaking export markets development or international expansion, and that’s where we come in

We’ll go through every aspect with you step-by-step, ensuring your business is oriented to maximise export market value and reduce export risk

Our skills and knowledge in export markets development and international business development areas will complement your organisational goals for globalisation and enhance your chances of even greater export marketing success

We’ll get to know your business and work with you to scope out and recommend an appropriate course of action based upon your organisations unique circumstances

We’ll guide and facilitate what you want to achieve through our highly focused, hands-on, skills and knowledge development workshops, using a number of proven business tools and techniques

We will completely tailor our services to meet your needs from a single workshop focusing on a specific challenge to a lengthy engagement to penetrate a specific or multiple markets. No engagement is too small or too large for us

Our strategic export markets development approach ensures the following key benefits for your organisation:

  • mitigating your export markets development risks,
  • pinpointing your best export markets development opportunities, and
  • accelerating your organisational export markets development alignment and likelihood of success

We’ll guide you through focusing upon making key strategic export markets development growth planning decisions, devise export markets development strategies and export markets development execution tactics to effectively reach your target audience with the best moves, at the lowest risks to accelerate and enhance your likelihood of success

We have assisted numerous businesses with export markets development initiatives

We can help you pinpoint your best opportunities, help you mitigate risks and devise and execute a tailored and relevant Asia market export entry or expansion strategy and marketing plan in conjunction with undertaking in-market activities. Our team of executive advisors can assist with Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia

We Can Help You Work Through Your Biggest Challenge or Greatest Strategic Priority

We offer tailored export markets development expertise to mitigate your risks and achieve your export goals and objectives sooner

  • In-market support
  • Market development planning
  • Marketing & branding strategies
  • IP Management

We can help you with discovery and planning across a wide array of topic areas, either focusing on a single export challenge to a comprehensive milestone scoped and time based implementation engagement to empower and enable your organisation to realise its export development journey sooner

  • Country research
  • Market attractiveness assessment
  • Channel partner profiling
  • Market entry options
  • In-market implementation
  • International exhibitions assistance
  • Executive advisory/mentoring
  • Organisational wide or divisional training
  • Non-executive directorship

Our specialist multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary Consulting Team have broad and extensive international market development experience. Our market specific consultants speak your target market’s language and know the cultural and business behaviors intimately. In this way we can be your enabling arms-length resource delivering tailored international assistance to you for enhanced export market success

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