Business Growth Grants

Entrepreneurs Programme – Available to businesses located nationally

Implement an Export Market Development Initiative with a $20,000 Entrepreneurs’ Programme Business Growth Grant


The Entrepreneurs’ Programme Business Growth Grant can assist Australian Businesses to enter or expand into overseas markets

Applications are open and ongoing


Business Growth Grants are a part of Business Management, which in turn is an element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Business Management provides access to a national network of skilled business advisers and facilitators. They’ll work with you to improve your business practices, become more competitive, and take advantage of growth opportunities.

The Business Growth Grant will help you improve specific business areas that your adviser/facilitator recommended in your plan. You must have received a plan before you can apply for a Business Growth Grant.

You must use the grant to improve the ability and skills of your business to trade. For instance, you can engage external experts to help implement recommendations from the plan. You can’t use it to fix problems that are part of the normal running of your business.

You can get up to 50% of eligible project costs. The minimum grant amount is $2500 (excluding GST). The maximum amount is $20,000 (excluding GST).

The grant is for 1 year. For each business management service you receive, you can only apply once for this grant. You can use the grant to implement some or all of the recommendations in your action plan.

Grant Application & Business Development Service 

Dowling Consultancy are a boutique Business Development Consultancy, specialising in providing strategic guidance and assistance in relation to export market development while leveraging government grants

We can help your business unlock its Asian region export market potential through aligning your business with the best market and entry options or connecting with the right channels to market across Asia by drawing upon our team’s firsthand country specific experiences, networks and intimate knowledge of these markets

We can help you pinpoint your best opportunities; help you mitigate risks and devise and execute a tailored and relevant Asia market export entry or expansion strategy and marketing plan in conjunction with undertaking in-market activities. Our team of executive advisors can assist with Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia

We have assisted numerous businesses with export market development activities and win government grants. We welcome contact from any Australian businesses that requires assistance with accessing support from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme or Business Growth Grant for export market development consulting initiatives. For more information, see our About Us page

Contact Steve on 0409 478 850 for a confidential, no obligation discussion

Source – Entrepreneurs’ Program Business Growth Grant

Business Growth Grant Eligibility

You must have received a completed plan from one of the following services:

You must apply within 1 year of receiving the completed plan (unless otherwise agreed by the program delegate).

Your project must:

  • only include eligible activities
  • have at least $5000 in total, eligible project costs
  • not have started

Eligible activities must:

  • link to an area of the business as specified in your plan
  • give you new abilities to trade in Australia and other countries
  • engage services outside of your business

Meet Our Team

Our specialist multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary Consulting Team have broad and extensive international market development experience. Our market specific consultants speak your target market’s language and know the cultural and business behaviours intimately. In this way we can be your enabling arms-length resource delivering tailored international assistance to you for enhanced export market success

Export Development Grants

A range of schemes exist to assist with export market development:

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We exist to serve your business in developing and executing strategic and tactical solutions to grow domestically and internationally as well as win government grants