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The Australian International Business Survey (AIBS) is one of Australia’s largest and most in-depth surveys of internationally-active Australian businesses. AIBS reports on the views of Australian businesses drawn from multiple industry sectors, and operating across more than 150 international markets. AIBS provides key findings which include, but are not limited to:

  • Barriers being faced when accessing overseas markets;
  • Key target markets;
  • Market development activities;

The survey commenced in 2014.

The report provides detailed information on:

  • the demographics of participating businesses including size, experience and the role of international earnings
  • the nature of their engagement with the global economy, including trade, investment, R&D, government procurement and e-commerce
  • their first markets, and key overseas markets they currently operate in
  • the most valued assistance, skills and advantages required to target and succeed in those markets
  • the economies they are targeting for future business
  • domestic factors influencing their international competitiveness, including their ability to access finance
  • the outlook and risks.

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